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Thursday, January 28, 2010

First update

Greetings to all reading, and happy socknitting.
After completing a list of boring errands, I`m back to report on the progress of my Fifty-two Pairs in 2010 project - an idea I stole directly from the talented and productive ladies at Socknitters and from the original concept of blogging projects that brought us such stuff as `Julie & Julia`.
In the meantime, I`ve knit seven pairs of socks in a year and a half, four of those pairs have been done since January 1 of this year. Currently I have two pairs on my circular needles: a pair of pedi socks and a pair of men`s slipper socks for my husband, who is an enthusiastic recipient of hand knit socks. Both are worked on 2 circulars from the toe-up.
The pedi socks are from _______________book and directions are for this sock to be knit from toe-up. I made one sock according to `directions, then made the following changes to the second: I cast on the ribbing first and worked from the foot to the toe on 2 circulars. When I got to the toe sections, I switched to stitch holders and dpns to work the toe sections, adding stitches when needed between the toe sections. I might add that stitch markers are a must for this technique! I quickly lost track of my decrease spot and it now appears right on the instep. The second sock looks a little tidier - being left-handed usually has something to do with it!
My second pair are a basic toe-up sock from worsted, and I love how speedily you can whip up a sock.
I haven`t decided what I`ll do with the pairs I make once I`ve sent pairs to my mom, sister, etc - certainly donating them to some charitable organization has been a thought.
I`ve also decided to stage a moratorium on yarn purchases. I`m not buying any yarn until I`ve used up what I have - probably two storage totes full. So far I`ve used up two gigantic skeins of SugarnCream double-worsted cotton on a crocheted rug. I love that stuff. If anyone is out there - let me know if you can get it where you live. I use two strands and the stuff works up at lightening speed.
Happy knitting. Write back and tell me of your socknitting goals.
PS - I`ll add the sock knitting book references ASAP. It`s downstairs and I`m too lazy to go get it now;-)
Until next time, happy knitting.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

52 Pairs in 2010

Be on the look-out for yours!
Total pairs made as of January 21 : 3, using the toe-up pattern from
and a figure 8 cast-on