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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Time to type!

I can't believe practically an entire month has gone by and I haven't updated my blog. I have been knitting, though - which is most important. I know I swore to not buy any more yarn - but I did. I bought eight cones of double-wopsted cotton for a saddle pad and have whipped through more than half of it already. If I don't have enough for the pad I'll just turn it into a rug.
BTW - if anyone is here and is reading this, do you have any insights into finding some double-worsted cotton yarn? I know Sugar n Cream (Peaches n Cream? I can't remember - one is the US company, the other is Canadian) carries a line of it but their retailers are mostly in the Carolina area. (Looks like I'll be visiting Rick & Rebecca soon in their new Murphy digs.)
We were in the Keys form the 2 to the 11th of February and I met three knitters at the Seafarer. The first was Carol from Maryland - a mad sock knitter who introduced me to HiyaHiya nine-inch circulars. Then I met a really nice girl from Tampa but didn't get her name, and then there's Matt- the knitting jet pilot and future The Bachelor star. I'm serious, and he flies for JetBlue BTW.
While I was in the Keys I knitted two pairs of socks. (Might've been three - I'm ahead in my count and getting cocky.) I tried a new cast-on, which is the closed-toe method in Janet Fehfeldt's book Toe-Up Techniques. It makes a nicer toe for me than the figure-eight, which needs to be tweaked endlessly until it's right. I have stuck with the figure-eight for my new experiment:felted pointe-shoe pads, as it's smoother.
Current sock count:6
"See" you next time!