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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Got off my butt - or rather, on it.......

A former professor of mine at UF said that writing was %1 talent and %99 keeping your butt in the chair. Wise words. Also memorable (and rather nagging if I may say so) are the words of a friend, "What your story really needs is finishing."
Well, I can finish a sweater, that's for sure, but lately the unfinshed work is piling up.
I'm back from Tampa - a land where no one knows how to knit. The usual stores are minimally stocked with knitting supplies there. I was happy to see an old favorite still thriving: The Flying Needles in Belair. I used to haunt the place when my aunt & uncle lived around the corner on Los Gatos Drive. I did needlepoint then, mostly - and loved the selection available.
I'm going to plug Brenda's daughter, Leah Ordext, in her You Tube video singing with a Led Zeppelin cover band in New York.
The warmer weather has inspired me to try the crocheted fly bonnet. I'll add the address later when I dig it up. The saddle pad for Paint Bob was really great but I hated the look of it - I'm a white saddle pad person - so it become a great laundry room rug.
Thanks for reading.